HELP films are designed to answer any question your audience might ask, and search for online. What are their concerns? What do they want to know?

With HELP content you can listen to the public and help to answer their needs. As well as creating genuine loyalty amongst your existing audience, HELP videos will cement your reputation as the go-to source for information relating to your speciality inside of the Art World.

HELP video content

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Galleries have embraced the Idea of HELP video in a range of different ways: 

Helping Audiences Plan A Visit

What are your audiences’ most frequently asked questions? What part of the experience could persuade a potential visitor to come? For some visitors it could be access, while for others it will be knowing if there are free activities for children. For a teacher it could be  as simple as knowing if there is a space for children to eat packed lunches.

In 2014, the Wallace Collection (London) commissioned Chocolate Films to create a film to help teachers prepare children for a trip to the gallery. Your visitors are often your best ambassadors: to make this film, we worked with the gallery’s ‘Young Curators’, pupils at a local primary school.

Helping Audiences Understand Collections

Understanding the concepts that relate directly to your collection can be one of the best uses of HELP films for galleries. Why are some portraits just head and shoulders, while others show the full figure? What stories do Dutch genre paintings tell? This is your opportunity to be the expert, and to get yourself known as such by being helpful.

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The Met in New York, have produced a series called '#MetViewpoints', which help audiences understand what artists are communicating through the body language of the figures they feature. This additional insight encourages visitors to go back and look at the works on site.











Helping Audiences Create Art

One of the attractions of galleries for many visitors is to find inspiration for their own work. HELP films can be your way to empower the public to create their own work. Several major galleries - such as New York’s MoMA with 'In The Studio' - have created series of films which help viewers try the techniques of major or contemporary artists.


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