Merry Christmas everyone! Have you ever had this crazy idea: what if an advent calendar’s windows were the size of, well, actual windows? I know what you’re thinking, you’d be getting your weight in chocolate every single day. And as a member of Chocolate Films’ team, you can tell I wouldn’t say no either.

Archlight Light Painting Poster

But what if we transformed the concept behind our advent calendars and made it about… community? Meet the Nine Elms Giant Advent Calendar! Each night up until Christmas Eve, a new Christmas carol-themed window will be unveiled at a different venue in Nine Elms, followed by an evening of free festive celebrations. From theatres, cinemas and churches, to pubs, community centres and schools, organisations all around Nine Elms are joining in.

And so are we! We are delighted to be part of the festivities and working closely with Nine Elms’ cosiest independent cinema, Archlight Cinema. As our company director Rachel put it, it’s the perfect partnership and a wonderful way to bring the Nine Elms community together through creativity and engagement.

We kicked things off with a series of Chocolate Films Workshops for a local group of young people to learn light painting. They created a very festive poster (seen right here to the left) to decorate Archlight Cinema’s window, which was unveiled last Tuesday, 10 December.


We also captured some beautiful merry moments on the trail of advent windows, which were put together into a trailer to raise awareness on the Giant Advent Calendar around Nine Elms. Take a look!


You can see it before all Christmas films shown at Archlight throughout the Christmas period. By the way, these include Last Christmas, Home Alone and the Muppet Christmas Carol among others, if you feel like giving yourself a well-deserved Advent treat. 

And if you miss the different window unveilings, don’t fret, you will be able to see all 24 windows up until 5 January. The perfect excuse to go for a nice walk around Nine Elms after a Christmas meal that was delicious but not the lightest, if you ask us! We hope you have a truly wonderful Christmas this year.

Keep up to date with the Calendar’s upcoming events here or on Instagram and Facebook!


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